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21. okt, 2011


Your website is awesome!!! What a fine collection of photos. I hadn't taken time to peruse it until now. My older son (Doug) and daughter (Denise) are coming to the reunion with me. I am very excited .

10. aug, 2011

Pam Black

This is a wonderful website. I am so proud to be a part of it and am very much looking forward to the reunion in Norway next summer. It was so nice of you plan the reunion to start on my birthday, July 16! Alan and I look forward to attedning!

14. jul, 2011

Doris Overby

Hi Terje: This website is way.....way toooooooo COOL!!!!! You are awesome!!! Can't wait to see you.
Doris Overby
PS Thank you for including a photo of Pam and me in your photo album collection. You must know how much I love having my picture taken!! Can't wait for photos of me in Norway!!