Grandfather & Grandmother Andreas & Ingeborg Øvrebø, Johannas, Rasmus, Arnt, Alma was not yet born.

Overby family in 1958

The Øvrebø Brothers Arrived in Whalan (by Doris Overby)

Rasmus, Johannes, Arnt and Alma Øvrebø were born in Norway. The three boys left Norway and Auntie Alma stayed. She later married Gabriel Apeland.
It was family that ultimately brought the Øvrebø brothers to Whalan. Relatives with the names, Culbertson, Hanson, Berekvam and Jorpeland lived in Whalan, MN and the surrounding area before the Øvrebø brothers settled there as well.

Uncle Ras first arrived in Hillsboro, North Dakota in 1920 at the age of 19. He worked on a farm and relatives lived nearby. In 1922, Uncle Ras moved to Whalan to be near more relatives. He got a job working on the Milwaukee Railroad. In 1930, Uncle Ras married Auntie Lucille (Lucille Lodahl who was my Mom's first cousin).

Three years later, 1925, Uncle Joe (Johannes) arrived in Whalan at the age of 22. He bought a truck and worked at hauling and delivering goods in the area. He married Auntie Selma (Selma Olson) in 1926.

My Dad, Arnt, arrived in Whalan from Norway in 1927 at the age of 22. He also worked on the railroad. He first met my Mom, Margaret Hildestad, when she was 15 years old. Lucille brought Rasmus and Arnt to visit the Hildestad family on the farm. Several years later, Margaret and Arnt dated and eventually married in 1940.