The Apeland Family -- By Gunnar Apeland

The name ”Apeland” comes from the two words ”land” and ”apal” which means wild apple. It was a farm that was called “Apalland” because there were so many wild apples on the farm. Some years after 1814, the name was changed to Apeland. The farm I am talking about is in Tysvær. My oldest brother, Ola, who died in 1999 wrote a story about the farm and family name Apeland in 1997. He has traced the family name back to 1600 and the farm name back to 1400.


It will be too much to go into all the details Ola has written. He, and even more my other brother Arne are experts on genealogy. But believe me, I’m not. Therefore, I will start with my great grandparents Johannes Andersen Øvrebø and Anna Martha Helgesdtr Blikshavn. They had 9 children but only five grew up and had families.


My grandparents were Andreas Johannessen Øvrebø, (October, 16 1876 – January 13, 1947) and Ingeborg Christne Rasmusdtr. fra Jørpeland (26 Nov 1873-06 Sep 1915).

Andreas remarried with Lovisa (Lisa) Larsdtr. from Øvre Risdal (16 Dec 1872-06 Jan 1950) in 17 Nov 1918. Lisa’s first husband was Johannes Gustav Johannessen (16 May 1881-09 Jan 1907) from Øvrebø.


Andreas and his first wife had 6 children, Rasmus, Johannes, Arnt, Alma Oline Borgine (22 Nov 1912) and Ingleiv Andreas (03 Sept 1915 – 11 Sept 1915). The three brothers left Norway and immigrated to the US. If you read the story about the Øvrebø’s family, Doris Overby has told how her father and his brothers came to Whalan. Back in Norway was their sister, Alma, who married Gabriel Apeland April 7, 1934. They lived on the farm “Sør-Håland” that was owned by his father, Ola and mother Gurine. In 1938 they took over the farm.


Andreas and his second wife, Lisa had no children.


Alma and Gabriel Apeland had three children. Ola was born Dec 16, 1934. He was first married 30 Dec 1961 to Martha Gåsland (19 June 1930 – 06 Oct 2005). And they had three girls. Mai Lene, born August 17, 1962, Bente born March 25, 1964 and Anne Mette who was born Dec 25, 1969. Ola was later divorced and remarried 19 June 1993 to Solvor Arnkværn, born 08 Aug 1949. He died 17 Jan 1999.


Mai Lene married 26 Oct 1991 to Tom Sjue Tarheim born 07 Aug 1962 and they have three children. Mari born 20 Jan 1991, Vilde born 31 Oct 1996 and Oda born 03 Mar 1999. Mai Lene and Tom are now divorced. They both reside in Skedsmokorset.


Bente and her husband Roy Arild Espedal born 25 Jul 1964 in USA, now own the farm “Sør-Håland”. They have three children. Joakim, born June 7, 1990, Kristoffer, born January 21, 1992 and Elise, born 28 Aug 1996.


Anne Mette has moved to Steinkjer where her husband Erlend Børstad born 05 Jan 1965 comes from.


My brother Arne, born July 25, 1937 immigrated to US in Jan 1957and lives in Texas. He first married 01 Jul 1960 to Carol Diane Anderson, born 08 Aug 1941. Divorced. They have two children, Randall Leif, born 23 Jan 1961 and Dana Diane, born 10 March, 1963.

Arne married again to Cathy Diane Lloyd. With Cathy he has two children. Ryan Lloyd, born October 15, 1981 and Kari Gail, born August 11, 1984.


Randall Leif married 06 Aug 1984 to Karen Christina Patton, born 14 June 1966. They were divorced and Randall has not married again. Randall and Karen have two children; Erric Leif born 24 Aug 1985 and Aaron Christopher born 18 Nov 1987.


Erric married 13 Jan 2007 to Tabitha Marie Goodman born 26 May 1988. They have two children; Landon Leif born 28 Dec 2007 and Aubrey Lynn born 02 June 2010.

Aaron has not married yet, but he has been to Norway twice.


Dana married 07 Sep 1985 to Jay Baron Reding born 17 Aug 1965. They have 4 children;

Carol Ann, born 30 Apr 1987, Kelsey Diane, born 29 Dec 1989, Kristen Deann, born 18 Nov 1992 and Kaley Joann, born 22 Aug 1995.


Carol and Kyle Matthew Ray born 27 Sep 1983 have 1 child; Brayden Wilson Ray born 13 Jul 2009. Carol has also visited Norway.


Kelsy engaged to be married next year to Laramy Wilson born 14 Oct 1987.


Ryan is still a bachelor. Kari engaged to be married next year to James May born 23 May 1981.


In 1969 I married Herdis Elisa Holm who I met when I was studying in Oslo. We have two sons, Geir Eivind, born August 26, 1972 and Håvard Arnstein, born May 21, 1975. We all live in Sørumsand.


Geir married Mona Fagermoen, born March 12, 1974, in 2000. They have two children, Linnea, born June 26, 2001 and Isac, born June 29, 2004.


Håvard married Heidi Christin Mjelde in September 4, 2010. They have two children. Håkon who was born March 1, 2009 and Henriette, born July 19, 2011.


A strong Apeland trio; Heidi, Herdis and Mona