To and from a meeting to day

To day I had a nice day. Not that I have so many bad days - but our local nature gave me a present first at my way TO a meeting, and then at my way HOME again. We walked with the dogs in moonshine at 06 o'clock, and I guessedhe the day would be fine. I had right. Driving my car for about 1 hour to the place (Tyrifjord) where the meeting was to be set, I almost ended outside the road - the wiew and color was fantastic. But I had no time to stop. During the day the snow started to fall. But before we left, the sun was shining again, and was hanging in a low position over the landscape. Look at the pictures at the start of my way home. I was driving while the sun went down, and the colours changed. The road was like ice to drive on, so I had to be careful every time I stoped to take a foto. Unfortunatlig I only had my mobile....
A house-boat placed on shore.
The sun was behind me... I was driving in to the cold shadow and darkness... It was a very very slippery road - and I run into a little accident, - but the locals had control:-)
The lakeTyrifjorden
Can you see the green color at the field?
More and more black and white.
Just had to make this bigger - love the pale green color in front of the houses.
Spookey downhill
Finally home
I came first. The light in the background is one of many greenhouses in our valley.
Before christmastime...
Unni Hennum Bergill

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Marit | Svar 06.11.2012 23.09

Så fantastisk flotte bilder du har tatt, Unni.

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08.01 | 20:22

Supert! ☺️

08.01 | 20:06

Jeg kan gi beskjed til deg om nye valper innenfor samme avlslinjen, Dalmo. Vi kommer ikke til å ha flere valper NDK sin hjemmeside har valpeoversikt!

08.01 | 12:43

Hei, 😊
Gi gjerne beskjed hvis dere får flere valper.

06.01 | 21:10

Takk takk, de er kjempesøte! Ja, vi har solgt alle, unntatt han vi skal beholde. Det vi si at vi har solgt 6 valper!

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