7. nov, 2015

ProArgi-9+ to the horses

The last couple of years I have been testing ProArgi9+ on mye horses with very amazing results. I will try to write about this in english. And why english? That`s because I want to share this with as many people as possible.My english writing is not very good,so I appologize for that but, I will try
Uttrykksikonet wink

The first horse I tried Pro Argi 9+ on was Keilir. He had some issues with his legs and his hooves. He had legpain after trail riding, especially if we went on a trip every day. His hooves where fragile and the shoes did not stay on for very long. The farrier came quite often to help us out. She was worried about the condition of the hooves. Keilir was also I kind of nervous horse. He spooked easily. This was my main problem. I like to stay on when I am riding. I also like to relaxe when riding something that was not easy with Keilir.

I started out with half a dose (bag) of Pro Argi9+. I observed for a while, then increased the dosage to one bag a day. He stayed on this for a good period of time. I could see a very very small effect, so I encreased to two bags a day. Then the most amazing ting happened. He calmed completely down regarding his nervousness
Uttrykksikonet smile
It was a very special moment. The horse was much, much calmer and much more psycologically present. His hooves were not getting any better at first, but now, two years later, he farrier said " Who is your ferrier? with a very big smile, his hovves are looking so good!!! His daily dose today is three bags of Pro Argi 9+

1. mai, 2012

Det har vært travelt det siste året, og lite tid til hestene, men nå bedrer det seg :-) To stykker har stått i vinter pga av forfangenhet. Den helvetes sykdommen kom snikende på Kàri, han holdt det også skjult for oss en stund. Tingeling fikk det akutt :-( en ordentlig jævlig sykdom!!!!! Tingeling er slanket ned seksti kilo. Hoven har nå vokst ut trefjerdedeler, og vi kan begynne å bruke henne igjen.

Vi har fått til å si jevnlig, men ikke så ofte i uka. Vi har flyttet til der hestene står nå, og livet er blitt betydelig roligere, så nå ser vi fram til en flott sommer, med masse tid til å trene hest igjen :-) Det gleder jeg meg til :-)