Keynotes Vittige Trombone

~ PUMA ~

- Puma -

Kennelname: Keynotes Vittige Trombone
Dailyname: "Puma"
Breed: Bull Terrier
Date of birth: 23.05.2007   And a sleeping angel from 14.04.2016
Gender: Female
Color: Black brindle/white
Weight: ca. 24 kg
Reg.number: 13174/07

Mother: N S UCH Bullbrit Keep Me A Secret at Bullyview
Father: N UCH NV-06 Emred Jack Daniels Of Astasia
Breeder: Kari Aamodt, Kennel Keynote, Norway.

About Puma:
Puma was such a joy to have in our lives! She was a super kind and sporty bullie, who knewed how to have fun! Her favorite things to do was swimming, collecting sticks and balls (!), cuddeling, searching (also blood tracks), playtime with her sisters and just being outside on all kinds of trips; by the sea, in the woods or in the mountains, it did not matter, Puma loved it!

Puma was the best dog you could have, she was a mans best friend, our childrens best friend, and it was like she always knewed what you were thinking. Such a wise, loyal and faithful dog. So much more then "just a dog", she was our 4-legged child who always stood by our side and easily made us smile if we had a bad day, taking spins around the floor (hilarious!) or just wagging her tain with that sweetest face!

She sadly got very sick and got ascertained with serious kidney failure in january 2016. She got better for a while on a special diet, but then she started to get worse and worse. It is heartbreaking to watch your best friend starting to fade away... So 14.April 2016 our veterinarian came home to our house and Puma was sent to be an forever angel with us by her side, it was a very peaceful and worthy farewell. Run free sweet angel, play and be happy over the rainbow bridge! You are always in our hearts and in our thoughts! We will always love you Puma <3

Our beautiful Puma! <3 Summer 2012

Puma 2013, 6 years young <3

Rest in Peace dear Puma!

Torsdag 14.april 2016 fikk vår kjæreste Puma sovne inn her hjemme med sine kjære rundt seg.
Vi har hatt mange tunge og triste dager før vi klarte å ta valget, ingen vil vel si farvel til sin beste venn…og den klumpen og tomheten i magen og hjertet etterpå…vel, den er vanskelig å beskrive 💔
Et forferdelig valg å ta, men Puma hadde alvorlig nyresvikt og det var ingen vei tilbake,
og vi vet hun har det bedre nå ❤
Løp fritt over regnbue-broen Puma-luma!
Vi treffes igjen 🌈❤
Høyt elsket, dypt savnet.
The best bullie in the world <3 2007-2016 <3 We will always love you and never ever forget you!