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My name is Anette Audunsdatter, and I am a Standard Poodle fanatic 
The dogs enrich my life every day!
Situated at westcoast of Norway, nearby the city Haugesund. The kennelname Abroz was recognized by FCI in 2007.
Standard Poodles are the most perfect breed. It is very sosial and people oriented. Very easy to train in almost any sport imaginable. And of course it can be a real eyecatcher in the show-ring. Its size is perfect medium-large, and therefor it is not too hard to handle. It is also a beautiful structured dog, very athletic and ready to act. Another perfect feature is the variety of colours, and let`s not forget; they dont shed!

Also, if you are a person that love grooming, a poodle is an obvious choice. 
There will be puppies available occationally. 
I strive for my puppies to become functional, solid structured and healthy poodles with the happy and playful poodletemper that we love so much. Nothing less

Further more...

...my goal is not to populate the world with poodles that has my kennelname, or produce show-champions  I do not produce litters every year either. These things need to be proparly planned. I do of course show my dogs, but very limited. 

After a century of purebreeding dogs acording to written standards, we can clearly say that a lot of breeds are degenerating.  This applies to poodles aswell. This is due to our need to specialize and glorify the extreme eveness in a breed. The easy and fast way to get there is by inbreeding. A hard selection of type, leave us with decreasing variety  of genes. But what we get in addition, is an increasing poor health issue. 

People tend to love exaggerations too. An eyecatcher in the showring is not nessecarily perfect, acording to the standard.  The Popular Sire-Syndrome is a very big problem for the breed`s genetic variety. Small genepool offers very little variation. A healthy breed-population has a big enough gene-pool, so that desease-carrying genes are less likely to pair up and cause illnesses. That means we should always do  low percentage of inbreeding.

So I think we all need to get the priorities right, and have an open mind for the future. I think that is crucial for the breed`s survival.  Modern technology has given us lots of tools to help us make good choises. In particular the many DNA testings now available, that can define the carrying genes of both colours and deseases.  I do not believe in breeding spesific colours seperately for that same reason of decreasing genetic variety. I consentrate on the health and structure, and the dog`s abilities and temper. 

A nice poodle is nice, regardless of its colour. Vanity has taken its turn. For decades, to breed for vibrant solid colours only, seperately,  was in my opinion a huge mistake. Those lovely colours are good for nothing but eye-candy. Great colours should be a bonus, not a goal. 

Dogs that I use for breeding will be thoroughly health-tested , and I will always have a fairly low COI (inbreeding-coefficient). 

The Standard Poodle is my passion. My goal is to participate in preserving the breed.  My contribution is genetic diversity as far as my knowledge and reason goes. It is a fantastic breed that deserves to live on! 


Puppies will be raised in a loving house-environment and experience different people, dogs and other animals aswell. They will be educated in table-manners(grooming) and walks on the leash.  When it is time for leaving home, they will be well socialized and with a clean bill of health from the vet.

I will be careful to whom I sell my babies, and require information about puppy-buyers.

Please contact me for further info on any actual litter.

Be also aware that I do not approve of the brainless practice of mix-breeding, like "doodles" or any "designer-dogs"-breeding.

Please feel free to browse around and enjoy the website.

(You can click to enlarge photos. Also find me on facebook for updates and pictures)



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Dana | Svar 07.03.2014 10.31

Gratulerer med ett flott kull ! :) Gleder meg til å følge de! :)

Anette 07.03.2014 12.24

Tusen takk Dana!

Elin | Svar 01.03.2014 18.13

Kjempeflotte siden du har Anette!!!

Anette 01.03.2014 19.12

Tusen takk!

Eva Fallqvist | Svar 30.12.2012 02.20

Jättefin hemsida du har, Anette! Och fina hundar! :)

Anette 30.12.2012 13.36

Tusen takk Eva

Morten | Svar 01.12.2012 12.38

Hei Anette,takker for hilsen i gjesteboka på bilistenes aksjonsgruppe og jeg liker siden din og:))
Web-tech BA.

Tommy | Svar 07.08.2012 01.10

Hei. Har du fått Mail fra oss? Mvh. Torill og Tommy

Anette | Svar 22.02.2012 18.59

Tusen takk Helen

Helen S.Tronvold | Svar 22.02.2012 18.16

Gratulerer med ny valp og ny flott hjemmeside. Mvh Helen

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12.11 | 21:11

Hei, me er ein familie på fire som vurderer å anskaffe oss hund igjen, etter 21 år med hund (dalmatiner, eit valpekull og vidare mor og son). Har de valpekull?

20.02 | 18:51

Hei Tone Det kan man aldri vite. Nå er han blitt godt voksen, så det avhenger av helsen videre samt evt testing.


20.02 | 18:01

Er amadeus fremdeles aktuell for avl 2018?

07.03 | 12:24

Tusen takk Dana!

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