Once a poodle, allways a poodle

The poodle is alert and playful, adaptable and highly trainable. They are very sosial, and do not like to be left alone. They tend to watch and follow your every move. Poodles make fairly good watch-dogs, but not aggressive. Their temper is for the most part on the softer side. They make good family-pets. Many says poodles are the mix of an angel, a clown and the devil; wich I think is a very good description. You never get bored with a poodle.

The poodle was bred as a hunting-companion and water-retriever, working close with the hunter or handler. Their country of origin is France. Today the poodle is classified as a non-sporting dog, but still do very well as an allrounder in many sport-activities.  As a showdog the poodle really stands out and makes quite an impression with the lovely coat, carriage and movements.

If you ever have been loved by a poodle and fallen in love with these gorgeous creatures, you will never want to change to another breed. And that is why we say, once a poodle, allways a poodle....or more. 

Short version of the standard

The poodle is a square and harmoniously built dog with a frizzy curly coat, and an elegant and proud look. The body`s lenght is slightly superiour to the hight of the withers, wich in Standard poodles reach from 45-62 cm. Back is short with a straight topline.
The poodle is strong-boned and well-muscled, with the frontlegs standing upright and parallell, and relatively well angulated and parallell hindlegs. Neck is strong slightly arched, medium long and carried high. The chest is reaching the elbow, is fairly broad and in front the sternum-bone should be prominent and set high. Croup is rounded but not falling. Feet are small and firm with well-arched toes.
The poodle`s head is distinguished, well chisseled and oval in shape seen from above. Slightly pronounced stop with muzzle perfectly straight and branches of the lower jaw almost parallell. The lower profile of the muzzle is determined by the lower jaw and not by upper-lips. Scissorbite. Almond-shaped eyes with a keen expression.
Tail is set quite high at the level of the loin, and raised in action.
The poodle has an effortless and springy gait.
The FCI-standard recognize the solid colours black, brown, white, grey, orange fawn(apricot), and red fawn.
The standard has also defined authorized show-trims: Lion clip, Modern clip, English clip and the Puppy clip.