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The book is now in English !

The book is made at home, and I have taken all the pictures.The book has 77 pages, thoroughly explained recipe, step by step.Recipe for 3 different types of lugga. It also contains a Norwegian song about lugga and a story about Santa Claus from the "Blue city" Sortland.

The book is written to inspire more people to make the traditional North-Norwegian winter footwear called lugga: the absolute best footwear on cold winter`s day.

Price: 269,- NOK
          45,08 USD
          34,71 EUR
          29,18 GBP

+ postage

Book and postage must be paid in advance and then I will send the book immediately to you.

Order the book:

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11.03 | 09:56

Jeg ønsker å kjøpe luggeboka.

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Har du lugger til voksne til salgs?

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Hei, jeg ønsker å kjøpe luggeboka

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Jeg ønsker å kjøpe lugge boka

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