Grannemans Lady in Black - Aiza Summertime 2008

Black Jack & Blues Baifen Buddy Bug, Buddy.. together with our Sunniva

Karoline & Sunniva together with Boarhunters Waldo, Kalle, summetime 2006

Ole together with a small visitor in our garden 2010

Nora & Phillip 2010

Ying & Yang 2010

Sunnivapus 2010

Nora & Phillip in front of the fireplace Winther 2010

Cannot forget about Line 2010

Nora enjoy new bed 2009

Phillip 2010


Karoline & Izzie

Sunniva, Nora and Phillip is kissing

Phillip & Sunniva

Cuddling time


Best friends, Sunniva & Phillip

Izzie at the beach with Sunniva 2010


Izzie & Me at the Nordic Winner Show 2010

Kissing Stine :)

Stine, Phillip & Sunniva Christmas Eve 2010

Ying, Sunnivapus % Pernille

Yang & Tea :)

Smoking Cigar, Phillip?!

Christmas Evening, Nora has got a gift from Kaizer & Pia

Welcome to our small photoalbum,
here you will find random pictures of our dogs,cats and children.
Some old pictures, that are so full of memories that can't be forgotten.. and some new ones for old visitors