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I bought my very first Band in a Box program from a local music store going out of business.

I had never even heard of it, but the description on the outside of the package made me curious. Since then I have bought every update they have offered. To begin with all instruments were generated in MIDI. These days with introduction of Real Instruments, I finally get to play with real players and even know the name of “my” bassist and drummer. They never require any pay, do not need breaks etc. and put up with all kinds of alterations in tempo, chord changes and styles I like to make.

The input part consists of two parts; a "spread sheet" for entering the chords, the number of choruses tempo, key etc. The second part allows one to enter two melodic lines e.g. melody and background. Both melody and background (or Soloist, as it is called) can be both mannually or automatically harmonized. The program also allows for the chords to be outputted to external modules, e.g.  the TC Helicon Voice Works, so that I can sing four part harmony, all by myself.

I take pride in writing all arrangements myself in order to avoid sounding like any other One-Man-Band.

Tonnie singing & playing his 7-string with Band-in-a-Box

Real Instruments

With the introduction of Real Instruments the output of Band in a Box has dramatically improved over the earlier MIDI output versions. So now I get to play with really great musicians, often with a.o. Canadian bassist Neil Swainson, who has performed with a.o. pianist George Shearing and guitarist Ed Bickert and drummer Terry Clarke who has performed and recorded many times with the late guitarist Jim Hall. 

Lately Ron Carter has been a replacement on bass!
More often than not, this is "my" band, when playing with Band in a Box

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06.06 | 17:18


I am sure I have a version of The Love Nest and will look for it later today and send you a copy. My direct email is:


06.06 | 16:39

Hi Tonnie - any chance of the BIAB version of "The Love Nest"
Cheers, PB

08.09 | 12:18

Lars Kristian,

Jeg kjenner ikke kursmaterialet til Robert Conti så godt! Men siden du er nybegynner ville jeg starte på det nivået.

08.09 | 01:25

What of the Robert Conti-education meterial shall I go for? I am a beginner.

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