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We are a small family living on the west coast of Norway. Me Katarina and my daughter Lykke. 
I grew up with dogs and has been active in the showring since I was born, I began to show dogs in an age of 4 years.
Saint Bernard has always been my breed and it will always be.
We are mainly interested in show and handling, but we have also planned litters. 
In our home we have dogs like a family member,
all live in the house with us in an area that is specifically designed for them. We have a large fenced yard were they are out in the day time, and we also have a small yard that is covered with a dog house.
We take many trips in the forest and the stunning nature that we have here on the west coast.

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12.11 | 23:25

så fine de var ble valpesyk jeg nå

20.10 | 11:56

Lykke til videre med de små.

30.01 | 21:13

Gleder meg at nå endelig skal få dine "egen" valper ...I amso pleased to see that You at last is going to have your own puppies....

18.01 | 00:51

What did you mean about that?

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